For this project, I was expected to design wearable objects as a brand extension for sports, fashion, medical brands. These wearable objects would be designed to tackle social or individual well-being issues of the society in near future (5 years). The brand selection and research phase were group collaboration, but past that, all concept development and final deliverables were independent work. Research in collaboration with Sabrina Young, Meredith Billman and Isabella Brown.



Primary and secondary research was conducted for the initial trend research and forecasting for this project. My team discovered that personal entertainment and the digital environment were popular forces that arose during 2020 and will continue to be popular in the next 5 years. We then chose Nintendo as our brand to create a wearable brand extension.

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Our hands are vital; how are we using them and how can they be used in new ways? I looked into the ways that we use our hands, and products that are already being advertised.

I began ideating using distinct Nintendo shapes and colors, and wanted to imagine gamification in the everyday life.

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User personas created to understand potential product uses.


I settled on a re-design of flexible hand exercise tool, with sensing technology incorporated.

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Prototyping with play-doh to understand the desired form and size of design.

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Nintendo Flex is a portable, handheld gaming product that allows the user to play games and destress depending on the gaming interaction the user chooses.

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The Nintendo Flex is designed to fit in the average sized hand, just like the cell phone that it pairs to. The voice activated app allows for personal accessibility if range of motion is impaired. Flex is also part of Nintendo's existing sustainability program. 

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